Enterprise 5G Live is the Event for:

  • Enterprise IT teams looking to build their own private networks to support
    business critical applications.
  • Enterprise CTOs building a new IT infrastructure that leverages 5G to accelerate
    development of applications that utilize AI, IoT, Cloud and Edge computing
  • Enterprises taking advantage of private 5G for increased efficiency, automation, personal
    safety, decreased manual labor and a minimized production standstill.
  • VARs and Systems Integrators looking for intelligence and training on the next wave in
    enterprise IT sales and service

Who Should Attend Enterprise 5G Live:

  • Enterprise CTOs and IT Executives
  • VARs, Distributors and Systems Integrators
  • Enterprises and Industrial Enterprises
  • University, School Districts and Education
  • Logistics, Transportation & Supply Chain
  • Hospital, Healthcare Organizations
  • Power/Energy Utilities
  • Commercial Real Estate owners, developers and management firms
  • Municipalities and Smart City sector leaders]
  • Neutral Host Network managers
Evidence for the acceleration of private 5G networks during 2021 has come in a study from technology and business solutions provider NTT, which shows that just over half of companies (51%) that are planning to deploy a private 5G network will do so within the next six to 24 months, with 30% of these respondents already deploying or in the process of deploying a private 5G network.