The Private 4G/5G Network Event For Enterprises & Systems Integrators

November 16 & 17, 2021

Santa Clara Convention Center

Santa Clara, California

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“When industrial companies’ executives were asked which technologies will be the most integral to their digital transformation over the next five years, 75% mentioned 5G as a key enabler.”

Today, enterprises can control their own mobile infrastructure and take advantage of opportunities that did not exist before.

These include increased mobility, access to neutral host networks for enterprises, improved security and quality of service, and more.

We know that Enterprise decision makers need a platform to learn how to create, implement and manage their own high-speed wireless networks. With automation and the Internet of Things well on their way, the opportunity to build a Private Enterprise 5G network has never been better.

We created Enterprise 5G Live to bring together the vendor community, plus integrators, infrastructure partners and professional services firms, with enterprise executives from multiple sectors, sizes and needs.

Our goal is to facilitate education and interaction; our mission is to see the launch of a thousand enterprise 5G networks.

Event Directors:

Tim Downs Iain Gillott


Enterprise 5G Live is the Event for:

  • Enterprise IT teams looking to build their own private networks to support business critical applications that can no longer tolerate the deficiencies inherent in Wi-Fi.
  • Enterprise CTOs building a new IT infrastructure that leverages 5G to accelerate development of applications that utilize AI, IoT, Cloud and Edge computing
  • Enterprises taking advantage of private 5G for increased efficiency, automation, personal safety, decreased manual labor and minimized production delay.
  • VARs and Systems Integrators looking for intelligence and training on the next wave in enterprise IT sales and service.

Uses Cases Featured:

  • Hospital & Healthcare: Outdoor and indoor applications for clinical staff, IoT corporate and new applications.
  • Logistics & Transportation: Managing interconnected data between multiple organizations, products and suppliers.’
  • Port Facilities: Air, Rail and Sea: to keep control of asset data and utilize a private, secure network topology with clean spectrum where interference is not an issue.
  • Ag Supply Chain: ushering in a wave of innovation and automation for the entire food supply chain, from growers to transport to retail.
  • Manufacturing & Industrial: Build your own network on your timeline without leasing spectrum from a mobile operator and/or buying expensive cellular equipment.
  • Higher Education Campus Networks: Indoor and outdoor use cases for staff, enterprise, students, streaming, cloud, automation, facility management and more.



About this Event

Workshops & Sessions

From Basic Training to ‘deep dive’ workshops on specific industry sectors, there is an educational workshop designed for your job and your organization. 

Exhibits and Tech Demos

Meet the leading solutions providers in the CBRS, Private LTE and Enterprise 5G ecosystem — including hardware and software suppliers, SAS vendors, professional services firms and more. 

Systems Integrators and VARs

Take advantage of our special pricing and program designed with for Integrators to educate your sales teams, partners and enterprise customers at Enterprise 5G Live

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