Top of mind these days in manufacturing circles is the oncoming “Fourth Industrial Revolution” or, less pretentiously, Industry 4.0. According to the 3GPP, Industry 4.0 is about improving multiple aspects of industrial production and logistics via high-speed, low-latency connectivity and computing infrastructure.

The goal of all this is to interconnect people, machines, products, and other devices to not only achieve existing production objectives, but to realize new efficiencies.

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Higher Education

Colleges, universities and/or professional schools, would likely use a private network as a complement to Wi-Fi. For example, staff and teachers might use the private network while students would use Wi-Fi.

So, unlike some other industry sectors where use cases and demand might be more uniform, iGR believes that the Education market will likely prove much more particular.

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Transportation, Logistics & Ports

The term logistics refers both to the overall process of coordinating and moving people, materials and/or equipment from one location to another, and to the specific steps in that process. Moving livestock is different from moving passengers; moving the Covid vaccine is different from moving other vaccines; moving dry goods is different from moving fresh foods.

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