Enterprise5G Webinar Series – 2021


This Series of webinars features a fresh approach to online content: interactive, informative, and engaging industry thought-leaders in an analyst-moderated 50 minute discussion.


  • Each Webinar will last 45 – 50 mins and will be recorded
  • Each Webinar will cover a different aspect of the 5G value proposition for enterprises, industrial,, campus networks for education, hospital, and more
  • Each Webinars are recorded and available on-demand for six months


May 27, 2021

1:00pm CST

Enterprise 5G: Energy, Oil & Gas – Powering the 5G Transformation

Today in the U.S. there are several thousand operating electric distribution companies, refineries, and mines. All of those companies rely on wired networks; virtually all of them also rely on wireless/cellular communications. Several U.S. energy companies won priority access licenses (PALs) for the CBRS band, as well, which provides some indication of how much they value secure, private LTE networks while also not having to rely on mobile operators. Similarly, oil and gas exploration firms, not to mention various mining operations, can use CBRS-based private LTE networks for onsite communications.

The advent of LTE and 5G NR, along with the accompanying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and standards, allows firms in the energy sector to transition from their purpose-built, often legacy, wireless/cellular networks to secure, scalable, standards-based networks. This webinar will examine the current opportunities for 5G networks, including private and neutral host networks, as well as the potential for existing and innovative applications.

This webinar will also identify critical success factors, where the key opportunities exist, examine current trials and/or commercial deployments of 4G/5G private/neutral host networks, along with mmWave, and highlight some of the pitfalls to avoid when deploying a wireless network solution for use in the Energy sector.