Managing The Complexities Of Connectivity For Enterprises And Operators

Powering digital transformation by connecting devices and verticals from manufacturing to healthcare, Private Wireless Networks are driving innovation across multiple industries, allowing enterprises to modernize and digitize their infrastructures while improving processes that run core operations quickly and efficiently.

In this webinar Norman Fekrat of Imagine Wireless will spark an interactive discussion with Syniverse’s VP Product Management, Majed Habbal and Sr Product Management Director, Kathiravan Kandasamy as they define a service provider’s role through use case analysis, exploring the challenges and solutions that exist for enterprises and mobile operators when implementing and supporting Private Wireless Networks.

The webinar will evaluate the benefits of working with a private network broker.

Norman has 30 years of experience advising major Telecom, Internet, Technology & Media companies, and he’s one of the leading minds in the industry.

March 17, 2022
1:00pm EST
12:00pm CST

Kathiravan Kandasamy
Sr Product Management Director,

Majed Habbal
VP Product Management 

Norman Fekrat
Managing Director
Imagine Wireless

Smart Ports: The Five Use Cases You Should Explore First

Trade contributes significantly to the global gross domestic product, and it’s the ports of the world that literally keep its goods flowing. However, ports are being challenged by the growing demand in trade.

Looking for solutions, the many benefits of automation—higher productivity, safer operations and stronger bottom lines—are becoming increasingly clear to port operators. But with so many technology-focused use cases to consider, where should port operators start?

Ericsson has identified what it believes to be the five most beneficial applications for smart port technologies. Ericsson estimates these cases can drive a return of investment of 178 percent within five years—creating increased productivity and efficiency, improved safety for our workers, and a more responsible environmental impact.

Instrumental in putting these use cases into action is the fast, reliable, and secure connectivity that only a 5G-ready private network can deliver. In this webinar, experts from across the ecosystem will explore these leading use cases, and discuss how private networks provide the capacity and flexibility needed to cope with the new network demands.

March 24, 2022
1:00pm EST
12:00pm CST

Adam Schipper, 
Director of Business Development, Transportation & Logistics
Ericsson North America

Bill Zierolf
Business Lead, Global Social Innovation Group
Hitachi Solutions America

Jan Diekmann
Technical Account Manager – Advanced Industries, Transportation Industry, Ericsson

Brant Ring
Chief Executive Officer
ITS ConGlobal

Private Wireless Networks in Education: Lessons Learned in Deployment

The pandemic spotlighted the need for wireless bandwidth across all parts of the education ecosystem. From kindergarten through high school and for colleges and universities, broadband connectivity is a basic requirement for students and faculty whether they are on campus or at home.

Can the education segment uncover significant benefits utilizing private LTE and 5G networks operating on CBRS or mobile operator spectrum? What lessons can be learned from current deployments? How can the experience be improved for the next private wireless network deployments in schools, colleges, and universities?

This webinar will discuss:

  • Critical success factors for private wireless network deployments in schools and homes
  • Pitfalls when deploying a wireless network solution on campuses and/or in buildings
  • How deployments and ongoing management can be simplified while also driving down costs
  • How network deployment can be customized to optimize delivery in each education department
  • The partnership role between the education IT departments and the private wireless network delivery organization


March 29, 2022
1:00pm EST
12:00pm CST

Marlon Shears, 
Chief Information Officer,
Ft. Worth ISD

Mike Owen
Chief Technology Officer

Unlocking Value in Oil and Gas Transformation Initiatives with Private 5G Networks

In response to COVID-19 and rising disruption from decarbonization, oil and gas companies are adopting a broad spectrum of business transformation strategies. As part of this transformation, oil and gas enterprise are intensifying the scale and scope of digital innovations to drive rapid change while maintaining efficiency. This drive to digital maturity is the key to achieving the cost-efficiency and reliability required to compete in commodity markets and mitigate future operational risks.

Solutions that further enable operational efficiency, higher productivity and safer operations are the intrinsic drivers of digitalization, but with so many technology-focused use cases to consider, where should oil and gas companies start?

Oil and gas companies will be operating as leaner organizations in the years ahead, and work optimization is an underexploited opportunity to improve cost and operational efficiency for many oil and gas companies. Advances in collaboration tools, augmented reality, field connectivity and wearable trackers offer the potential for more continuous and real-time management, optimization of work and locational intelligence.

In addition, the expansion of oil and gas industrial IoT, AR/VR, drone and video use cases will require the ability to process and manage large amounts of data, as well as have highly reliable, low-latency connectivity that is secure and able to provide real-time data transfer. 5G private cellular networks can provide this level of connectivity supporting ultralow latency and connection speeds exceeding 2 Gbps.

In this webinar, we’ll explore these leading use cases, and discuss how private cellular networks provide the capacity and flexibility needed to cope with the new network demands. In addition, we’ll discuss barriers to adoption and offer suggestions for creating roadmaps for building systems that offer the greatest range of functionality and benefit.


April 19, 2022
1:00pm EST
12:00pm CST

Viren Parikh
Director of Business Development, EnergyEricsson
Sindhu Laljani
Technical Account Manager – Energy Ericsson
Vik Arya
Cloud First Networks – Private 5G Accenture
Justin Olivier
Product Manager for Mobility, Americas Ecom Instruments