Who Should Attend Enterprise 5G Live?

  • Enterprise CTOs and IT Executives
  • VARs, Distributors and Systems Integrators
  • Enterprises and Industrial Enterprises;
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Hospital, Healthcare Organizations
  • Critical Communications Organizations: Energy,
    Water and Power utilities
  • Commercial Real Estate owners, developers and management firms
  • Neutral Host Network managers, Integrators and Enterprise IT services
  • Entrepreneurs and Investors;
  • Technology Startups, Software Developers
  • Enabling Technologies: Chipset Manufacturers, OEMs and
    5G networking equipment.
  • Edge & Datacenters: Solutions for low-latency high bandwidth services

Enterprise IT & Technologists

Private LTE Networks will free enterprise IT teams from the restrictions of conventional connectivity technologies such as Ethernet, which is secure and reliable but costly and inflexible; and Wi-Fi, which is low cost but also delivers lower reliability.

Commercial Real Estate

Property owners and managers can unlock and enhance the value of their real estate asset through ubiquitous and reliable wireless coverage.


More than WiFi in the lobby and guest rooms, Private LTE enables a new array of innovation and services, for property owners, managers and neutral host networks.

Hospital Campus Networks

With all the devices in a healthcare environment, wireless networking capacity has become a priority for IT teams in hospitals. Solving the RF congestion challenge within the hospital is one clear advantage to Private LTE, as is the ability to manage the diversity of connected devices and the massive volume of data-points generated from device interactions.

Higher Education

Extending coverage and capacity throughout the campus environment, Private LTE provides for mobility, innovation and a path to cellular interconnection.


Government organizations, Local, State and Federal, rely on in-building wireless systems to enable cellular connectivity, mission-critical communication and workforce management. 

Transportation & Logistics

DIgital transformation is occurring rapidly in seaports, airports and other transportation and freight hubs throughout the country. Private LTE is seen as a innovative network topology for people, things and goods in transit.

Stadiums & Public Venues

High traffic venues require high-bandwidth networks as well as a platform to design and implement best in class applications.